Date(s): 07/25/2018
Time(s): 9:00 am - 10:00 am


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More and more companies are being asked about what they are doing to be a sustainable. This question is no longer coming just from the “environmental groups” but from financial investors, board members, and corporate purchasing departments. Sustainability has many definitions, so we will take a look at how we apply the definition to our company and how you can apply it to your own. We will discuss what steps that you can take to make your sustainability practices more transparent based on lessons learned from our company and best practices in the industry. In addition we will looks at  what investors looking for when they talk about sustainability and what is the driving factor. You may not be an investor owned company, but by looking at their current practices it might help your business in addressing this hot topic.

Presented by: Charlene Saltz



White Lion Tea

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