Date(s): 08/02/2017
Time(s): 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Event Details

WBE Expert Series Webinar: How to Give an Engaging VIRTUAL Capabilities Briefing
Presented by: Jaclyn Kostner, President & CEO, Bridge the Distance

August 2, 2017 ~ 11-12 PST/ 12-1 MST

Lucky you! The Supplier Diversity Manager in your target list just sent you an email asking you for a 30-minute virtual Capabilities Briefing. A virtual briefing is good, because you really would struggle to find the time and budget to travel to be face-to-face. A virtual briefing is a challenge, though, because you don’t want to talk into silence. Instead, you want to build the relationship as you do your briefing. Join the Webinar Guru, Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, for this interactive webinar that gives you the foundation for success.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  1. How to convey a strong, memorable professional “presence.”
  2. How to establish rapport with the Supplier Diversity manager.
  3. How to make your content interactive where it matters.
  4. How to close the Capabilities Briefing to keep action moving forward.
  5. How to select the best webinar technology for your briefing.



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